How does LIVE Video Shopping help in Social Media Engagement?

How does LIVE Video Shopping help in Social Media Engagement?

“Products don’t sell themselves. 
It’s a Good Product along with Good Engagement that sells a Product.”

As a business owner, you need to create and sell. 

But most importantly, you need to engage as much as you can to sell more. 


COVID-19 pandemic kept people indoors but they got a glimpse of everyone outdoors through Social Media. It helped us share our craziest thoughts to our subtle humour to cringy experiences. 

Social Media keeps people engaged and you can take a clue to garner the same set of Likes, Shares, Saves, and Subscribe for your business as well. 

But how do you turn yourself into a Social Media Creator from a Business Owner? 

You have to do it with LIVE E-commerce. 

LIVE E-commerce or LIVE Video Shopping is the new age form of e-commerce wherein sellers can sell their products by live-streaming it. 

You can get your own e-commerce site for free as many players have emerged in this innovative domain. 

As a business owner, you can list your products on platforms that promote LIVE streaming e-commerce and sell your products via live streaming. 

How does LIVE E-commerce propel your Social Media Engagement?

LIVE e-commerce helps your customer to see a LIVE demonstration of the product, which gives your product more credibility and helps them buy more sensibly. 

Creating social media content for e-commerce is easy with LIVE e-commerce, given the amount of interaction that the platform provides.

So, how do you do it? 

Below is a creator’s guide for keeping your audience engaged by merging LIVE e-commerce with Social Media. 

  • Share Tutorials:

LIVE video shopping will require you to share product tutorials live as that is the entire purpose of creating such a platform. 

LIVE streams of the tutorials can be recorded and shared on social media platforms extensively. It will reach your potential customers and keep them engaged with intricate details regarding the product.

Tutorials shall also increase the curiosity in them and make them check out more of your products for a similar response. 

  • LIVE Reviews:

LIVE video shopping will help you sell the products with live streaming but the same thing can be done with customers as well. 

You can ask your customers to send live recordings of product reviews which can be shared online. The best reviews can also be given special rewards.

  • Influencer LIVE:

Social media marketing has given rise to influencer campaigns. You can reach out to top influencers for using your product or LIVE stream the products and share the videos on their social media handles. 

This can give a huge boost to your brand as his/ her followers can be intrigued about the product and go for it because of the credible information shared. 

Influencer campaigning can also be done in the form of blog posts with links to the live video shopping platform. 

LIVE e-commerce can boost your social media engagement because it creates a unique value point for the products. It enhances the credibility of the product and helps in brand building. 

So, what social media platform can you target? 

Social media platforms have given a whole new dimension to the mode of operation of many brands. 

Here are the popular social media platforms that you can use for propelling your social media engagement through LIVE e-commerce. 

  • Instagram:

No doubt, the best place to share video content and intuitive posts. You can optimize best for this platform by sharing reels, IGTV videos, and also going LIVE on the platform. 

Maintain your Instagram handle in such a way that it resembles what you want to say and amazing business. 

  • Facebook:

The “old daddy”.

You can work on this platform in the same manner as Instagram. The content category can be the same but you can diversify by joining specific groups belonging to your domain. 

Sharing additional content in these groups will help you attract more attention and create additional traffic for your website, hence more business. 

  • Pinterest:

One of the most underrated platforms but great for sharing video and photo content.

The platform can be used for sharing tutorial videos and sharing step-by-step procedures of a product either in the video or photo format. 

  • YouTube: 

A social media platform that is more of a “search engine”. 

Post your videos on this platform with appropriate titles and description by targeting the right keywords. 

YouTube LIVE streaming has also got great reach and you can do it for better penetration of your brands. 


Social media was the only saviour when all hell broke loose with the announcement of the lockdown. 

It can also be the same for your business with the kind of engagement and reach that it provides. 

Build your LIVE e-commerce site for free with the best resources and turn your business into a household name.

Create IT.

And see people SHARING IT. 

Create online stores and sell anything you want.

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