About Us

Typof helps you to start selling online on your own website and grow your business.


Our Story

We started a clothing brand that struggled a lot during the pandemic. It was the first time when we thought of selling our clothes through a live platform.

We first started selling the clothes through zoom, which had a massive response from the customer side, as it was trustworthy. We were able to interact and bargain and get an in-person shopping experience. With online interactions, the issues related to the product and transactions were scrutinized closely and solved.

None of the e-commerce platforms is providing this solution to make and grow small businesses to sell their product worldwide, so we built our own. Today, businesses are selling and experiencing a new way to sell.

Our Mission

Making e-commerce cheaper! We empower small businesses to achieve independence by making it affordable to start, run, and grow a business. We believe the future of e-commerce is cheaper to start and grow your business. So we’re reducing the barriers to business owners to make e-commerce affordable for everyone.

Crafting Magic!

Typof is crafting magic for small businesses where we deeply care about their work and support them to grow enormously. We’re thriving to change and give impact to make e-commerce cheaper.

Create online stores and sell anything you want.

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