How to Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business that you are proud of in 2022

Ever wanted to start your own business where you have the freedom to work on things that make you excited and create products that you are passionate about ?

Everyone dwells over planning to take a step ahead boosting the career to a higher tier. But how can you do this when your soul is not into your work field?

Spoke the sentence of your heart.


More than half of the population is racing without dreaming BIG!

Having a work but not really into it and having an undiscovered passion that drives views is a clear SIGN.


But career is important. Passion is hard to ignore.

Then, how about turning your passion into a career?

Well, it sounds like a dream.

Then why not make this dream come true! After all, a tint of beauty in dreaming can change the path to lead success. Passion should be that fuel which ignites the lamp to achieve the goals no matter how different and tough the road seems.  

Passion followed as a career brings the key to unlash opportunities and discard regrets. Doing thinks which sounds exciting is always fun to accomplish.  Pleasure and work adds perfection. Interest in work installs dedication, creativity, motivation and loyalty. When an individual loves what he does then he achieves better. Every individual is different and hence the depth of talent varies.

The next most desirable and obvious question arises.

The next most desirable and obvious question arises.


Here’s you step by step guide to turn your passion into profession and build a thriving business you can be proud of

STEP 1: Find your Passion to venture.

Discovering oneself is directly proportional to discovering the passion underneath. It just connects when you get boosted naturally while thinking of building future with the talent you are made for.  No! its not your pastime activity.

Hobby and passion are opposite sections of a single see-saw. Before starting fresh or quitting workplace for following the path of passion, you really need to figure out your actual passion and not just hobby.

For instance you love maintaining a healthy lifestyle and hence you add yoga to boost your soul doesn’t completely imply that you are ready to opt this as your profession. Rather it might be your stop to maintain yourself.

 All you need is to keep an open mind and search what would make you grow and move a step ahead without making you regret for choosing it as your profession.

STEP 2: Enhance out and get determined 

Once you figure out your intentions, you are determined. Don’t lose self hope and be optimistic. Thinking big and different has a greater chance to shine among your contemporaries. Plan the foundation to be laid in the path of building passion as your career.

A passion with low demand can be risky to choose but if you are confident to deliver the best then giving a chance may not be a bad idea. It might sound tough to plunge into a career whose demand in the market is high and full of well stabled competitors. But it must not be a red sign. If you are confident and determined, you can uplift your chance anyways. Just believe in yourself and provide the best.

Never let mere fear or presumptions without certainty to be a deal breaker for your chosen field. As long as you deliver best and work according to a strong marketing strategy you don’t have to fear.

Go Ahead!

STEP 3: Get trained 

Search for a suitable plan and study or get a certification course desirable for your field of work. Let’s say, you wish to get into the field of music. Go for class or try getting a mentor to guide you for excelling your vocals and get hold over your passion.

The more prompt and confident you are over your niche, the better the expectations. To build something big, knowledge over the same is a must. To jump into market, you better be qualified.

STEP 4: Build your plot 

Having a detailed plan before action is always a cleaver step. Include your ‘to do’ things and budget to keep your expenditure within your budget. To be in a safe side, formulate minimum of two back-up plans, in case plan A and B fails to deliver the desired result Plan C comes into handy.

Say you’re really passionate about jewelries and live and dream about them so why not design something of your own and sell them online this way you can turn your passion into profession and maybe a big thriving business that’s where Platforms like Tyof comes into picture  

Typof is an e-commerce platform for artisians where you can easily sell your products across India, in your own online store.

STEP 5: Be Patient and don’t lose hope soon 

Obstacles, huddles and setbacks are part of a long run journey. Have patience and keep up the good work. Be open for feedbacks. Don’t let criticisms to degrade your morality. Welcome positive feedbacks and listen the negative. Rather than being discouraged, use those feedbacks in a better way. Boost up your spirit and work to push yourself to extract the best outcomes. Learn from your mistakes and stand again to outshine by rectifying the faults.

Benefits of fitting passion into profession:

1. Passion intensifies focus and determination towards goal

When you work carrying your passion, you not only love working rather it brings you interest to work intensely.  This leaves no space or voids for distractions.

2. Switches on innovation and creativity

When the work is your favorite, you tend to add creativity coming up with better ideas. When you enjoy, you bring out progressive ideas.

3. Motivation for work increases

When something feels own, individual takes best care possible and it never feels burden. When the voids lack distractions, the space is filled with precision and optimism.

4. Brings satisfaction

When you work on what you love, you don’t carry regrets. You get peace with each accomplishment. The work doesn’t seem burden over you. It doesn’t seem unpleasant to work for extra hour when required. Your duration seems you fruitful to work for.

The whole world is working with force, but they don’t get the desired output. The reason behind this is they do not show the desired level of dedication due to lack of interest. When you merge your passion and profession, you work as per your wish and get satisfaction. It will provide the most rewarding experience you can ever treat yourself with.

Remember, good things might take time. Make each second worth it with the results at the right time.

Make your passion your priority and then think wisely. You will see doors opening in front of you.

Don’t get stuck doing something you don’t love. Don’t let your passion become your profession, let your profession become your passion. Persistence, focus and consistency are those qualities which brings strength to your determination.

Without a vision life is just stagnant. Passion acts as a catalyst to process you up. Passion to gain profit can be a mundane if not planned wisely leading to unnecessary energy drain. There’s an ocean of opportunities out there, don’t listen who tells otherwise.

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